Today was a big success for LEMATA, the Lansing Mall, Christopher Banks, Macy’s and especially for us the models. I can only speak for myself in telling you all how much we enjoyed ourselves today.  I have not felt this special since being a healthy person in remission.  Thank you and bless you all for this special treat.  It means a great deal to me and I know all of you worked so hard to make this happen. Now, please give yourselves a much deserved break-stop breath and take in your success as you all deserve to feel as special as you made us feel.

I already know that God will continue to bless all of you because you are all filled with such goodness. Thank you again for the gift you gave me today-to feel so special and understanding what we survivors have gone through

Love you all


Grace Ramirez

Very nice show. Excellent I enjoyed it, I’ll be back! It was nice meeting all of the other models, we were like a family of believers and the only healer we know is Jesus. I was overcome by the presence of God as I stood on the runway during the final walk with all the models.

Wonderful job LEMATA!

Shirley Walker

Great event! LEMATA please don’t quit! This event has empowerment, beauty and it’s special!

Sherrie Jackson

Nice to be around other survivors, very nice event! Great seeing the diversity of models!


Rachelle Neal

I really enjoyed the event! Music and comedy was great! I felt joy, blessed, loved and gratitude!

Amber Meyers


This was something unusual for me but great! Getting out of my comfort zone and doing something for me. The appreciation made me feel appreciated and encouraged all of us. The complements from so many people encouraged us all!

Thanks again LEMATA

Nancy Anderson

Thanks LEMATA,

Had a wonderful time getting to know Sherly, board and survivors. Spending time hearing everyone’s story was lovely, the cosmetologist were great too!

Thanks again!

Jamie R


Thank you for all of your time and efforts. I never thought I would be a model. Even though I went to Montgomery Ward’s modeling school back in the day. I was engaged and honored to be part of the event. We need to get more people involved!

Thanks again LEMATA

Kim Roberts

Thank you for having Ayden at the show.  He absolutely loved all of the extra attention and getting “fancy.” The show turned out really great! Again thank you for everything you did for Ayden and the rest of the cancer survivor models!

Kristina E

Dear Lemata, I just want to say thank you for allowing me to be in this years’ fashion show, even though I had decided not to model, I changed my mind and am so glad that I did. Even though I was diagnosed with 4th stage breast cancer, I just want you to know that I will be here for next years’ for the show. By modeling in your show, I haven’t felt and looked this beautiful since my wedding day! Thank you for making me feel so special and look so beautiful!

Lisa Rice-Conklin

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Very nice show. Excellent I enjoyed it, I’ll be back! It was nice meeting all of the other models, we were like a family of believers and the only hea…
Shirley Walker

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